Individual Counseling

Welcome to Your Healing Journey

Thank you for considering embarking on this transformative journey with me. Regardless of the responses you’ve encountered from friends, family, or your inner critic, I firmly believe that choosing counseling is a commendable decision. It’s a safe space where every facet of who you are is not only accepted but welcomed – even the parts that might feel uncomfortable to share.

As a therapist, I’m honored that you’re contemplating this path towards healing and wholeness. Explore my services below and feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation for any questions you may have.

Counseling: Nurturing Your True Self

In individual counseling, my aim is to guide you through your unique blend of strengths, limitations, talents, and passions. Together, we’ll navigate goal-setting and achievement, uncovering your personal drive and making decisions with conviction. We’ll also delve into emotional intelligence, focusing on self-care, positive coping strategies, and mindfulness.

Counseling is a journey that allows you to look inward, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, ultimately leading you to genuine happiness within and around yourself. It can be challenging at times and incredibly rewarding at others. I welcome these varied states as indicators of meaningful progress. In each session, I invite you to bring your authentic and whole self. Feel free to express any emotion or thought without hesitation – whether it’s shedding tears without apology or voicing your feelings with confidence.

If you’re not quite at that point of openness yet, I’m here to help you reach it. My sincere hope is that every client leaves our sessions with a renewed sense of understanding and self-appreciation, empowered on their unique therapeutic path.

Getting Started

To get started, please schedule a free consultation or email me at to learn about next steps.

** All services are currently being offered virtually. I am Licensed in the state of North Carolina; therefore, I am only able to see client’s located in North Carolina.